History of Driftwood


Driftwood’s story begins with the coming of the Angelo-American settlers dating back to when Texas was still a part of Mexico linked with Coahuila. This area was within the boundaries of five Mexican land grants, which were obtained through Ben Milam Empresario. On January 12, 1826, he gained permission to establish a colony for 300 families of industrious habits between the Guadalupe and Colorado Rivers. The areas included Hays and Blanco counties, and some of Comal, Caldwell, Bastrop, and Travis, (Rogers, 1970). By 1835, It’s assumed that titles and grants were issued to all the Driftwood area settlers.

Some pioneers settled in the Driftwood in 1850 but most arrived in the 1880s as a supply center for local ranches and farms. The community began to rise and by 1890 Driftwood had a post office, a school, churches, a cotton gin, a general store and by 1925 Driftwood had a population of 100. Today, Driftwood is home to many talked about wineries, distilleries, restaurants, and beautiful wedding venues. A few of those names include the famous Salt Lick barbecue restaurant, Salt Lick Cellars, Trattoria Lisina, Driftwood Estate Winery, the Wildflower Barn Event Center, Stonehouse Villa Wedding Venue, Vista Brewing, The Desert Door, and Stinson.

Hays County